An enthusiastic burden to the trained lover, I walk along the paths of forgery, complimenting through words but condemning through my eyes.

The best intentions of most are circular variations of ones own selfish desires.

I nod to the hum of wealthy meaninglessness, for the apathetic occupant holds no merit to my guide.

Only the insects seem to accept this reality, pollinators of time.
Flowers, the counters of time and resources, insects the metronome of reason.

Most generally I should accept the reality and be glad to see some sanctity, the holiness of thoughtfulness, even blind thoughtfulness.

For many, the finite beauty of the native world seems a conquerable challenge, they see only the illusion of infinite.

My challenge is to observe, analyze, and collect.

To forge the connections in solid steel, so that no soul can forget the truth of our native ecosystems.

Keep your eyes open, listen, don’t forget to make connections and remind others when necessary.


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