Flash cards to help you memorize native plants of the Upper Midwest

I’ve created a growing series of flash cards, which include a sampling of plant species native to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. That said, most species featured in this deck will be found well beyond the Driftless. Each card is printed on sturdy card stock and shows one or more of my plant photographs on the front, which also includes general growing conditions. The plants family, genus and species are revealed on the back, in addition to well known common names.

My cards are designed in Wisconsin by me. I have them printed multiple-up by a small family print shop in Illinois. I then cut, round-corner and box every deck in my small print/bindery shop located near Cashton, Wisconsin.



Every season we work our way across the landscape, looking for strong populations of native plants. Large, intact populations offer an opportunity to collect “foundation” seed (seed responsibly gathered from the wild). We offer this foundation seed seasonally, in addition to the native plants that we grow from these collections.

All plants are grown from seed – never wild dug. We employ organic production methods in all of our growing operations.

Finally, we strive to ship all of our products with little or no plastic impact. Seeds are packaged in recycled paper packets and bare root plants are shipped in waxed paper pouches. Still, all of our actions impact the Earth in some way, so please inquire about grouping orders with friends and family. While not perfect, every box saved or shipper route reduced is a small help in minimizing the impact of our interests and efforts.


For the past nine years, we have collected native seeds. In many cases we’re collecting from imperiled plant communities – often those persisting along roadsides. To us, the best result of our work, is the possibility that these seeds will germinate, grow, and eventually populate a new area in need of biodiversity. Native plants are the basis for all wildlife, but in too many instances, native plant communities are isolated and fragmented, surrounded by development and large-scale agriculture. We hope that by making native plants and seeds more accessible, we can help others foster native plant communities of their own.