Video and narration by Sarah Barron @littlelovelywhatnots

It’s time to stratify native plant species that require cold-moist conditions. Our preferred method is based on original guidance from our friend Ann Casper.

Here’s a quick video that Sarah made while we prepared seeds requiring 60 days of cold moist stratification.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Pre-soak the seed for a few hours
  2. While the seed is soaking take time to label a bag that will keep the seed moist and free of air. We prefer freezer bags. Our labeling, shown here, indicates the species and origin of seed, as well as the day that the moistened seed is placed in the refrigerator and the day it should come out (creating a calendar reminder helps too!).
  3. Pour the soaked seeds into a strainer with a clean paper towel or coffee filter lining the bottom.
  4. Allow the water to drip out of the lined strainer basket.
  5. Gently lift the paper towel or coffee filter, now holding pre-moistened seeds, and lay it out on a dry dish towel.
  6. Evenly spread the seeds out with your fingers. You want to avoid having seeds stuck together as these may tend to grow mold.
  7. Lay a dry sheet of paper towel or coffee filter  (full or a half sheet) across the spread out seed.
  8. Fold up the two sheets to create a little pouch of seeds. Squeeze the “pouch” between the palms of your hands. This helps keep prevent over saturation of the seeds.
  9. Put the seed “pouch” in your labeled bag and place in the refrigerator until ready (in this case 60 days).