Despite the destruction of native forests and meadows, irregardless the plunder of prairies and mountain tops, there is a chance of promise ahead. There may be a glimmer if enough minds make the connection. The relationships between all living things are complex and difficult to see. We must make sure that we see, despite all of the distractions which lure us away.

So fallible is human desire, to dream of the new shiny button, to sacrifice such impossible preciousness, for illusions. If only we could collectively look away from the screens and bank account balances, if not forever at least for five minutes. Look instead at a part of the world which we do not understand. Study something that frightens us. Think about the connections, think about the cause and affect of each action.

Pretend you weigh 2 ounces and have traveled two-four-eight hundred miles under your own power, only to find your destination is now a depleted desert of mowed lawns and fields, hundreds of acres wide. Plowed fields, planted root to root, with alien species that harbor no insects. To add an additional level of hazard, the methods used to indiscriminately kill all insects has in addition left every plant, every surface and every spoonful of soil, toxic in some capacity. Diverse flora has been systematically cleared, plowed over, burnt, mowed under by blind ignorance. There is no safe place for you to live, nothing to eat. The only choice is to move on, keep moving, the options are becoming more and more limited. Even in exhausted demise, life energy is wasted as there is no coyote or fox to pass it on. Rather, an unceremonious rot, which no ants or earthworms will remedy. These are the places where life ends. The sterile existence of a modern, capitalist driven society.

The tone is alarming, though I still think there is hope. The time for making connections has never been more urgent.

Biology study 2013.07.04.01