Cold Moist Stratification Basics

It’s time to stratify native plant species that require cold-moist conditions. Our preferred method is based on original guidance from our friend Ann Casper.

Getting Started with Native Plants

Co-written by Sarah @littlelovelywhatnots and Dan Barron No matter your garden, or gardening experience, planting native species can be aesthetically pleasing while contributing to local biodiversity. To some, the “native” gardening journey may seem daunting. We’re writing to provide you with valuable resources that we hope will turn hesitation or fear into enjoyment and excitement.…


This Big Blue, Turkey Foot, Andropogon, erupted from sleeping grave, an emergence from the dead, extinct as a union soldier among the toppled limestone graves, a city park, a scarcely populated relic of the past, steep hill, gnarled Oaks, toppled fence and prairie relics shunned to the margins, just beyond acres of pavement encircled concrete…